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LIVE TARGET YEARLING (bait ball) POPPER The Live Target Popper caught my eye it’s a gorgeous looking lure that can be found in the 2 /12 inches or 3 inches. I chose the 3-inch version as my popper of choice. they come with a glass finish that showcases bait fish inside the glass finish. The popper is complete with sticky sharp hooks and the rear hook has a feather attached for extra action and attraction. The concave popping mouth has the hook tie in the lower part of the popper as opposed to the center I believe this gives the...

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Fishing is a great outdoor activity that can be shared with family and friends. In addition to your rod, reel, and a few lures or bait, you will need a few tools to make your fishing more enjoyable and efficient. There is no need to harm the fish or your hands in trying to remove a hook or ruining your teeth trying to cut your fishing line. there are a few tools I won’t leave home without. The Hook Remover  is necessary  and there are several styles and types to suit your needs. One of my favorites are the needle...

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