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The BBZ Spro Rat appealed to me when it first hit the market after ICAST 2014 I think the first time I saw it was at a Bass Pro Shop, the jointed rodent wake bait had a great paint job with natural looking colors  and other popular bass-catching colors like nasty shad and morning dawn. The baits are made with quality components, wide square bill, sticky sharp Gamakatsu Hooks, and a life like articulate tail.  the largest at 10” including the tail the (50) and the medium size at 7.5” the (40) were made for the big fish  bite.

I saw the smaller size 6.25” with tail (the 30), in a Turners Outdoorsman Store. This smaller size really appealed to me because I throw a majority of finesse baits. I purchased the natural brown rat it included an extra tail one brown and one bone colored.



After my purchase, I was fortunate  enough to try the rat out on the same day that afternoon my goal was just to see how the bait moved and looked in the water. The 1/2 ounce bait cast great. On the first cast, I noticed that the lure was very buoyant and floated well I  was able to work it back by walking the dog with very little effort. I also noticed by slowly twitching the bait I could keep it in the same area for a long time. Another retrieve I discover was a steady retrieve with the rod tip up the bait waked the surface and left a very nice v-trail for a bass to follow. The last retrieve I discovered was with the rod tip down and a slightly faster retrieve (but still kinda slow) that would allow the bait to run sub-surface.

It was with this retrieve that I caught a very nice bass that weighed over three pounds. The bass hit with vicious intent almost ripping my Kistler Rod out of my hand she fought hard jumping and peeling off line after a short fight she was weighed, photographed, and released to grow bigger.



     I have since caught several bass on this lure twitching it in place on top and working the bait a little faster sub-surface. The BBZ Spro Rat is defiantly a keeper and will be part of my regular arsenal. I’m now considering the next size up.


  • Megan Nilsen

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  • Kevin Faist

    It’s a great bait, I caught a 3 pound bass in Echo Park with one.

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