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Live Target Field Mouse   The Live Target Field Mouse is an 8-inch lure with the tail, the body is approximately 3 1/2 inches, it has a hollow body,  and two weedless hooks in the rear of the body. They also make a 2 1/4 and 2 3/4 body size. This lure has great action in the water and walks the dog with very little effort. Not only does Live Target make a great product their customer service is awesome.    The day after purchasing my first Field Mouse in a black and white color I tested it out at...

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BBZ - 1, BBZ-1 Spro Rat, Rat, Spro BBZ1 Rat, Spro Rat -

BBZ SPRO RAT Posted on July 24 by bassinthehood BBZ SPRO RAT The BBZ Spro Rat appealed to me when it first hit the market after ICAST 2014 I think the first time I saw it was at a Bass Pro Shop, the jointed rodent wake bait had a great paint job with natural looking colors  and other popular bass-catching colors like nasty shad and morning dawn. The baits are made with quality components, wide square bill, sticky sharp Gamakatsu Hooks, and a life like articulate tail.  the largest at 10” including the tail the (50) and the medium size at 7.5” the (40) were made...

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