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About us

Bass In The Hood came to be simply from the love of fishing. Transporting rods and reels in the car at all times because you never know when you'll crave that urge to go out and fish. The tough part is that the City of Los Angeles is not known for its large selection of lakes. What we do here is to prove that stigma wrong. Bass can be found almost anywhere. You do not have to live in Minnesota to find a lake near you. You may have to cross the railroad tracks to get there but trust me, there are bass in your hood.

At Bass in the Hood, we don't just find local lakes for you to fish. We find the best techniques and baits to use for them. We went as far as to create and produce our own baits. Hood Baits are hand injected to ensure integrity in every bait. We don't guarantee a catch with every cast but with our custom scents, molds, and unique action its pretty close.