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Why a Bass In The Hood Blog?

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Why a Bass In The Hood Blog?

This Blog was designed as a way to educate the inexperienced angler as well as the savvy veteran on fishing techniques and locations on urban waters. This may include local rivers, streams & ponds, as well as  regional, city, county parks, and salt water bays and marinas. It is also a way to keep in touch with fishing friends and share fishing experiences. This blog is geared for but not limited to the Los Angeles area and surrounding counties.


My experience includes fishing for most species from shorelines, boats, float tubes, kayaks, and bass tournaments. I practice catch and release but I’m not opposed to anybody legally catching and keeping their limits. I use mostly artificial lures and make my own plastic baits.


California is known for its large bass in deep clear reservoirs many of these reservoirs are outside of the city and boat access may be necessary  for decent fishing. These locations take planning and can be expensive. But this blog is designed to show you that it can be done in the city on weekends, before work, after work or during your lunch break. You only need a fishing license (if over 16 years of age) rod & reel and a few artificial baits, and a little time and desire to get out.

It is a great way to enjoy nature just minutes away from large skyscrapers and office buildings. These urban lakes provide a small oasis in the city  providing areas of green and wild life among the concrete jungle. Get out and explore, go for a walk or fish a little in the great outdoors.


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  • Charlie

    This is an informative should be something most Bass fishing enthusiasts should use for info where to go locally and what to use..

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