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Skunk Beater by Bass in the Hood

Skunk Beater by Bass in the Hood

Skunk Beater at the Pudd.

Bonelli Park San Dimas CA.

With the water level slowly decreasing, the water clarity improving, and the bite getting a little tougher. I decided to go small and throw a small 3.5” worm that is poured by Bass in the Hood. And paired it up with a custom 3/32 oz jig head with a weed guard also made by bass in the Hood. I grabbed my rod and took my dog (Storm) for a walk at the lake while stopping to cast here and there.


I threw the bait on a Shimano Stradic Spinning reel, filled with 3 pound Sniper fluorocarbon line, on a Bass Pro Bionic medium light 7-foot rod.

I made a long cast and let the bait sink a little bit before working it back with sharp jerks and letting the bait fall again as it gets closer I lift the rod tip high to keep the bait out of the grass reeling the bait in with little jerks. I also like fishing this worm on a drop shot but I can work it on a jig head faster allowing me to cover more water especially on foot.

When the bass bit there was no question, with 3-pound test the bass kept running before I was finally able to work it in, lip, weight, photo, and release.

The bass weighed 2.7 pounds but fought like an 8 pounder, this little worm and jig combo has saved the day for me on numerous occasions it’s a great skunk beater.

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