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Puddingstone Lake with Phillip Moon Choi

Puddingstone Lake with Phillip Moon Choi

Bonelli Park (Puddingstone Lake) San Dimas, CA

Philip was on a hot streak catching bass at various lakes when he hit a wall, his girlfriend continues to catch bass but Philip couldn’t get a bite.

He started out at Puddingstone Lake on the North shore where he had caught several bass in the past. The evening had started cooling off and the wind was picking up,  but there was still some daylight left when Philip decided it was time to make a move to the East shore. The fishing conditions were the same overcast skies, with 4-6 foot of water clarity.

On this day Philip decided his weapon of choice would be a 6’6” medium light Abu Garcia Vengeance Rod, with a Shimano Sedona 400fd spooled with 10 pound Flouroclear P-Line. On the business end, he had a 5” Watermelon Flake Senko with a 3/0 Gamakatsu hook, Texas Rigged with a 3/8oz unpegged bullet sinker.

Upon arriving at the new fishing spot there was another angler there trying to get a bass swirling on top with a topwater bait, the bass wouldn’t bite and eventually the angler and the bass dispersed.

The bass returned it was about 30-40 feet out breaking the surface but the wind made it difficult to get a bait in front of him but after a couple of cast in the wind, Philip was able to drop the Senko near the bass.

He felt the current take the bait  as it dropped then a slight bump that felt like a light bite after a turn on the reel he felt a head shake and set the hook.

the bass immediately started peeling  off drag. Philip knew he had a donkey size fish on and was hoping his hook set was good enough.

After a good fight, Philip was able to wrestle the bass in. The hook set was perfect as it penetrated the upper jaw. the big fish was weighed, Photo and released for someone else to share the breathtaking experience.

Philip was ecstatic the bass weighed 5.3 pounds on a Rapala digital  scale and is Philips personal bass. You can see this catch  and  others by Philip on his YouTube Channel it’s must see the video.


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