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Puddingstone Lake Top Water Bass May 2016

Puddingstone Lake Top Water Bass May 2016

Top Water Bass May 2016

Top Water Bass 2016 Puddingstone Lake

It was a grey May day when I headed out with a top water lure tied on one rod and a small grub tied on another rod as a backup. I started out throwing the topwater lure at the North shore of Puddingstone Lake. Working my Lucky Craft Samy on top with a walking the dog retrieve, this is one of my favorite ways to fish. The visual of seeing the fish blow up on the lure is exciting.


After a couple of casts I ran into a fly-fisher who suggested a spot just 20 yards down the bank where he said a bass was chasing bait on top, I thanked him and continued casting my bait as I worked closer to the suggested spot.

When I approached the spot I made a cast beyond an area with bait fish,  as I walked the lure across the surface of the water  towards the circle of bait fish a bass exploded from the water onto my lure after a slight delay (an immediate hook set can pull the hook away from the bass) I set the hook and the fight began. The bass pulled very hard and went airborne a couple of times before I was able to reel it in.

Upon reeling in the bass I noticed that she was hooked outside the mouth with just one of the treble hooks in her she just swiped at the lure and got hooked giving testament to a good quality lure with very sharp (sticky hooks).  Some less expensive lures may have a lesser quality hook that should be switched out or at the very least sharpened.

You can view the catch on video by clicking on the link below.

The bass weighed in on my Rapala digital scale at 3.88 pounds and was safely released to grow bigger. I do practice catch, photo and release (CPR) but have no issues with people who keep their legally caught bass.

I tried a popper and a square bill crank bait but no luck. I also tried a 3.5” paddle tail grub in my custom color I created called Pudd Punisher  on a Shroomz Ned Rig jighead 1/10 oz with a weed guard. Just before taking off and I caught a small 13” bass on it with only 3-pound test it was a fun fight.  Overall not a bad day for less than 2 hours of fishing. Hopefully, the top water fishing will continue.




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