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Frank G Bonelli Regional Park

Frank G Bonelli Regional Park

Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park

(Puddingstone Lake)




120 E. Via Verde Drive

San Dimas CA, 91773

Hours of operation:

Bonelli Park is open every day except Christmas

Summer Hours – March through September Sunrise to 9:00 p.m.

Winter Hours – October through February Sunrise to 7:00 p.m

Bonelli Park is part of the San Gabriel Mountains that was named as a Federal Landmark by President Obama. This is important to know because it may change some of the regulations including fishing. Targeting bass on  beds during the spawn may be illegal I heard some anglers got ticketed last year.

Frank G Bonelli Park is located in San Dimas CA, between La Vern, Pomona and 28 miles from Los Angeles. The reservoir was built in 1882 and the dam was completed in 1928.

Puddingstone lake is a reservoir located inside the park that occupies about 250-acres of the total area with approximately 5 miles of shoreline and a boat capacity of 115. The park covers approximately three square miles or about 2,220 acres.

The lake often called the Pudd or the Stone is fishable from shore, boats, and very float tube and kayak friendly. They are currently not excepting any trout stocks because of higher than normal mercury levels in fish tested. There are also signs posted  around the lake that read do not eat the fish.

Although they are not stocking trout they may still be a few around. They also have crappie, bluegill, catfish, carp, and bass. I have seen several double-digit carp and catfish caught. I have also seen a few double digit bass caught including two 12 pound bass that I have caught myself.

The lake is home to plenty of bait in the form of shad, silversides, crawfish, frogs, turtles and game fish like small bluegill and crappie, duplicate these baits for best fishing results.

Bass can be caught on this lake with many different artificial lures and flies depending on the season, weather and water clarity that can range from very clear to very muddy.

I have had my share of fish-less days (SKUNK’S) but I have also had my share of  epic days on this lake with many catches on several trips in a row.

This is a great park just 28 miles from downtown Los Angeles it hosts many events. Including triathlons, cross country running, mountain biking, boating concerts and private events. Birdwatching is also a popular activity where both bald and golden eagles have been seen as well as other birds and waterfowl.

If you're looking for a great place to fish or picnic this makes for a great get away. The parking is a little pricey but plentiful, restrooms are kept clean, there are playgrounds for the kids and plenty of paved trails for walking or jogging. But there is no concession stand so bring your own food drinks and a good attitude and you will enjoy yourself.


  • Neal port

    When are you stocking the lake with fish?

  • John

    Been out here all f****ing day in a fishing boat not a bite nothing. Cant even catch a buzz or smoke on the lake. Take away more of our rights

  • Austin J Spearman

    Its the end of October and still no trout stock. Ive caught bass and bluegill from the bank but no crappies. Ive also seen many big carp washed up on the shore.

  • Dan delancey

    I was recently told that fish and game was going to begin stalking trout in October! Is this true?

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