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First Top Water for 2019

First Top Water for 2019

I had a very limited amount of time to hit up the local lake (Puddingstone). It was a overcast day with a little sprinkling. I grabbed two rods like I often do when walking the shoreline. I started with a Whopper Popper and a weightless 5” El Gordo. I noticed a few baitfish on the surface and the carp where spawning in the shallows making a ruckus. As I was tossing the Whopper Popper I hit a stick up behind me that resulted in an ugly back lash. I took that rod out of commission and quickly tied on a Live Target Popper and continued working the shoreline. I target some shallow stick ups and a bass slurped under my Popper. After a quick battle It did pull hard for a little guy. It weighed in at 2.35 pounds. I continued with Popper catching another smaller bass again adjacent to some shallow stick ups. As time was running out I made another cast bear sone stick ups and hooked another small bass that came unbuttoned. Nit bad fir a very short outing 3 blow ups 2 catches.

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  • Tommy

    Cool story Kirk! I have to start trying my top water
    Tight lines!

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