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6 Essentials to fall Bass Fishing


The first day of Fall is behind us, as the leaves change color and the water temperature starts to drop only by a degree or two it affects the mood of the bass. The bass are a little lethargic as they adjust to the cooling temperature. But don't despair the bass will go on a feeding spree before the cooler weather of winter sets in.


The shad, silversides, and other bait fish start moving to the back of coves to eat plankton so they can fatten up for winter. The bass follows them for the same purpose. At this time the bass are vulnerable and can be caught by using several baits. Before they start their transition to their winter hideouts.


I have Identified 6 essential lures that work in the fall at urban lakes. These techniques not only work in the urban lakes but have been proven effective across the country. I like to use baits that represent shad and silversides this time of year but any bait fish pattern should work. Including large trout swimbaits. The bass will feed on anything they can get in their mouth. I will discuss the techniques for each of these lures on later blogs.


  1. Spinner-Bait’s - Spinnerbaits look like a small pod of baitfish that bass will chase down. this bait is more effective when there is a little wind  to chop up the water a little this will help disguise the spinnerbait. Bounce this bait of off rocks and wood to trigger a strike. There are a lot of good spinner-baits try Booyah or Strike King.


  1. Lipless Crankbait - Another good search bait, and they can be cast a mile allowing you to cover a lot of water. Instead of a straight retrieve which does work try adding a jerk or two while retrieving the bait, the change will make a bass react. You can also tick this bait off the  tops grass to initiate a strike from a hungry bass. My favorite is Strike King  Red Eye Shad.

  1. Jerk Baits - Another good baitfish imitator. This is a great bait in clear water, I like the suspending models (lucky Craft). Cast out reel the bait down and start jerking it back. Jerk, jerk, pause the bite will often come on the pause. Change the cadence of the bait to find what the bass want.

  1. Hollow Body Frogs - I have my best luck with frogs this time of year. As the water begins to cool the grass starts to break apart and die off. The wind will often blow the pieces of grass together forming large grass mats at one end of the lake often in a cove where bait fish are chasing plankton. Throw the Ish’s Phat frog or Koppers Frog on the grass mats and work it back the strikes will be violent wait a second before setting the hook. Use heavy line for this technique 50-pound braid or more.

  1. Top Water - An angler should have at least one of these bait’s on hand at all times, Popper, walking bait or some type of buzz bait. In the fall bass often push schools of bait fish to the surface where they feed on them. Throwing a surface plug on top can catch these bass. Poppers (Live Target) and walking the dog type baits (Zara Spooks) are very popular and can be very good at the right time. There is also a new surface bait called a Whopper Plopper that is gaining in popularity.

  1. Finesse Worm - When you can't get a reaction bite from the other lures try the 3.5”- 6” finesse worm. It is always my go to bait. I like it on the drop shot or I will take the 3.5” worm and work it on a darter head or round head. The 6’ or larger worms are great on a shaky head. I use the Hand injected worms by Bass In the Hood but there are a lot of quality worm makers available.


  • Albert Chen

    It is still very difficult at this time at the Puddingstone. The thick vegetation makes drop shot, spinner bait and lipless crank bait impossible. Thank you for the great article!

  • Jim Medeiros

    Do you usually start at the top and work your way to worms or bottom up?

  • Charlie Vasquez

    Very informative….
    Thanks for taking the time to research….

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