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Urban Angler Club Registration

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Urban Angler Club (UAC)


Limit time discount of $14.00/year to celebrate the Urban Anglers Club as a Core partner to Los Angeles County Park and Recreations.

  • The club is about learning and sharing  fishing techniques so that everyone can improve 

  • Monthly updates on local lakes, anglers, techniques and gear

  • Access to the club bass tournament series $35.00 each tournament. Non-members $45.00

  • Great positive vibe at all events

  • Discounts provided to club members from all sponsors 

The Urban Angler Club annual membership is $14.00, this fee will entitle you to a  tournament discounts, sponsorship product discounts, monthly updates on local waters, anglers, and techniques/baits/equipment. Members will also have access to member-only events, club tournament discounts and on the water seminars by successful local anglers. (Fees and benefits could change without notice) any dues paid will be good for the time period agreed upon (One year from date of paid registration). 

As an Urban Angler Club member you agree to represent the club and its sponsors in a professional manner when wearing any of their logos, gear, swag, etc. or participating at any event that the Urban Angler Club may host or participate in. As a member, you will also have the option of volunteering with other groups working with Parks & Recreation. The Urban Angler Club reserves the right to revoke any membership for violation of the agreement. All approved refunds will be minus an 8% processing fee. 

All photos and or information gathered at these events will be the property of the Urban Angler Club and Bass In The Hood Baits. We reserve the right to publish any information or photos onto social media outlets, blogs, newspapers, podcasts, etc. 

These events or designed to bring like-minded individuals together to share their knowledge and skill while providing some friendly competition. We will also learn, share and educate on the proper use of our vulnerable urban park ecosystems while enjoying and protecting the wildlife. 

The Urban Angler Club and Bass In The Hood will not discriminate based on Race, Religion, Sex, political affiliation or species of fish you are after. 

The club will hold a 6-8 tournament series where cash, trophies, and prizes will be awarded to the winners. A point system will also be in place. The angler with the most points at the end of the tournament series will be awarded Urban Angler of the Year. 

By signing the membership application you agree the Urban Angler Club, affiliates or sponsors are not responsible for any death, injury, lost or damaged property at any of our events or at any event we agree to participate in, including traveling to and from our events. 

Privacy Act: Any information provided will be for the use of the Urban Angler Club and or Bass in the Hood. Information provided will not be shared or sold to anyone without your written permission.