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Finesse worm American Red with Blue & Silver flake (Qty: 10) 3 sizes

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Red finesse worm with blue/silver flake. The tail gives off little vibrations with the quiver of the rod tip and drives bass crazy. 

They are hand made with soft buoyant plastic. They do float but will sink once a hook is inserted.

This is a great worm for anyway you want to fish it the 4.5" is the most popular on a drop shot. The 3.5" is great on a light jig head (I like 1/16 oz. darter head), The 6" is great anyway you want to rig it.

The finesse worms come in 3 sizes 3.5 inch, 4.5 inch & 6 inches.

All worms are infused with a fish attractant scent during the production process as well as added to the bags.