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Torpedo Worm (slug) Isago Samurai Torpedo (QTY: 8) 6 inches

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The Isago Samurai is a laminate color with a brown on one side and a grape hue with red flake on the other side.

The Isago Torpedo was named after Kenny Isago tackle shoppe owner and avid bass fisherman. He designed the color of the bait based on years of experience and time on the water.

The skinny Torpedo is fatter then most finesse worms and Is infused with a fish attractant scent. The Torpedo is also made with a sinking additive making it a great fly-line bait. 

The Torpedo can be fished many ways but was designed as an alternative to the famouse Stick Bait (Senko) especially in lakes where bass have seen a lot of Stick Baits. I still love to throw the stick bait but sometimes it’s good to change it up.